There are just some things that come from nowhere and force you into the glare of the media with barely any notice. Now while you cannot prepare for every single eventuality, you can be prepared for a whole host of possible crisis situations that could hit you and your organisation.

The beauty of our crisis media training is that we can provide you with the tools to make you look good even in the most trying of circumstances. Cornhill Media's expert trainers will help you identify any number of possible scenarios that could hit your business and ensure you have been prepared to face them.

You know your organisation better than anyone and will know the potential crisis situation better than anyone. Our crisis training provides you with all the preparation you need to face even the toughest of events head on.

We will take you through a number of role play exercises to test your message during your most vulnerable moment. With an expert eye, we will help you mould and deliver your message so it becomes second nature.

Having prepared for any possible crisis situation, it will be far more manageable if you can get your message across and have the processes in place to deal with the inevitable media interest.

Of course, if the worst case scenario does happen you can rely on Cornhill Media to send our team to advise and prepare you at a moment’s notice.

For your free media training course outline – our recommendation for what your session should cover – just get in touch and we will tailor a session to your precise requirements.

"The best media trainers I have used. They are refreshingly candid, don't pull any punches and the advice is first-class. Cornhill Media comes highly recommended."

James Russell

Director of PR

Experian Plc

“The training was really well received. All the attendees said not only would it help them with dealing with the media in future but they really enjoyed the session.”

Emma Burns​

Head of PR​


“We asked Cornhill Media to create a whole new magazine for our staff and we have been delighted with the results. Our staff now have a magazine they can be proud of.”

Colin Archer​

Head Internal Comms​

The Cooperative Group