At Cornhill Media, your business comes first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses are alike.

Our training sessions are carefully structured to fit your precise requirements. We have experience of training delegates at all levels and pitch our training to your team’s level of experience.

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Our tailored media training courses will show you how to navigate the world of print, broadcast and new media. You will gain a clear understanding of how journalists think, how they work and what they want from you. Once you have this knowledge, we will show you how to deliver your story and message in the most effective way possible, ensuring that you stick to your agenda, control the interview and are not led by the journalist.


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There are just some things that come from nowhere and force you into the glare of the media with barely any notice. Now while you cannot prepare for every single eventuality, you can be prepared for a whole host of possible crisis situations that could hit you and your organisation. The beauty of our crisis media training is that we can provide you with the tools to make you look good even in the most trying of circumstances.


Cornhill Media's presentation training sessions are designed to develop participants’ confidence and ability making presentations, speaking at meetings and/or pitching to prospective clients. They include ways to have more impact and to gain the trust of the ‘audience’. The participants have the opportunity to explore communication and presentation issues and to practice in an encouraging environment.


Editorial Design

With decades of journalism and design experience under our belts, our experts are your first call for corporate editorial. From a single press release to a full annual report, our team has the talent to create exactly the publication you require. We also produce internal staff magazines, website copy and consumer titles for commercial and public sector clients. Our design team will ensure your publication looks as good as it reads.

For your free training course outline - our recommendation for what your session should cover - just get in touch and we will tailor a session to your precise requirements.

"The best media trainers I have used. They are refreshingly candid, don't pull any punches and the advice is first-class. Cornhill Media comes highly recommended."

James Russell

Director of PR

Experian Plc

“The training was really well received. All the attendees said not only would it help them with dealing with the media in future but they really enjoyed the session.”

Emma Burns​

Head of PR​


“We asked Cornhill Media to create a whole new magazine for our staff and we have been delighted with the results. Our staff now have a magazine they can be proud of.”

Colin Archer​

Head Internal Comms​

The Cooperative Group